Thursday 28 May 2020

City Jungle Trellis & Sweet Potatoes

Gigantomo Tomato and Trellis added to the Bio Green City Jungle, it took quite some time to fill up the water reservoir but the level indicator in the front left corner is so useful showing you the progress and when you are going to need to top up the water. I'm going to put a cucumber plant either side of the planter so they can grow up the trellis.   

The Treasure Island Sweet Potato collection arrived today from Thompson & Morgan and there were in excellent condition unlike a number of plug plants that fellow gardeners on Facebook have been sharing recently. I think people forget that Saturday deliveries have been stopped in most areas because of a reduction in staff and a backlog of mail. During these times they need to give Thompson & Morgan a little latitude.  

The patio garden is not looking bad considering that SWMBO informed me I was not allowed to turn the patio into a substitute allotment plot whilst we are shielding her and I can't get to my plot. 

It was really useful that I had the Quadgrow, Elho Tomato Panter, Bio Green Maxitom & Bio Green City Jungle at home and had not taken them to the allotment before self isolating & lockdown started #IsolatedGardeners 

I have a long article and review of the Quadgrow planned, It was near completion when I had a hard disk failure so I'm having to re create it for posting next month, so keep an eye out or use this link to find all information re the Quadgrow  

The timber decking tiles really need replacing unfortunately they no longer sell the diagonal ones and I have already replaced those that were at the end of their life with the parallel to edge in the middle that are at least the same size on plan.

Eight flower buckets of first early spuds are doing well on the left and the rest of the flower buckets have two dwarf or mini. micro tomatoes in them apart from the two buckets in front of the broken fencing trellis which will have cucumbers planted in them.  

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