Saturday 16 May 2020

Another Dalek For The Army

Andy sent me a message that he had seen another free Dalek like the others that I have and like on the allotment and that he was picking it up for me. They have weeded from the new beds to the path kerb edging and have put the new Dalek in place, added weed membrane and woodchips. The plot is getting neater and neater.  

These two Daleks have apples in and are making acidic compost for the Raspberries, but it appears they have not composed down enough to be moved quite yet. 

I have told Andy & Emma that I will deal with them when I'm back on my feet and once again working the plot. 

What I didn't realise until they facetimed me is that Wally had removed the Hawthorne trees from along the wall, he is a star that was a job I really was not looking forward too, and I need to take him some cans of beer when I can get back down to the plot to thank him. 

Meanwhile back at home Kelly has been cutting the grass for me as I have not been able and I can afford to get any insect bites in my leg for the cellulitis to work on at the moment. She is a great daughter who suffers really bad with hay fever, but still helped out her old Dad in his hour of need. 

The small blow away greenhouse has had it's day and has been finally scrapped. 

Now that the frost should be over I need to get the two rows of flower buckets from 5 - 11 sown with vegitables. 

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