Friday 22 May 2020

Bio Green Maxitom Plant Tower

The Bio Green Maxitom  Plant Tower comes in a cardboard box measuring just 250mm x 260mm x 85mm deep. 

The innovative, space saving design of the Maxitom means that out of this box you end up with a 16 litre planter container measuring 255mm x 255mm on plan and 250mm high with the bottom 60mm forming a 2 litre watering reservoir and a sturdy built in support tower structure that makes the final construction 1.5m high. 

All the component parts are neatly stored in the base of the reservoir

The four walls of the planter quickly click into place and are then ready to be located on the reservoir base 

The base to the planter which is the top of the reservoir can now be put in place ensuring that the slot for watering lines up with the one in the side wall. 

Now the small elbow can be sild into place using the restraints provided on the side wall. 

This elbow holds the soil back and provides the way of getting the water into the reservoir 

All that now remains is to fill the planter with compost, here I used an empty plot to give me the right sized and shaped hole before transplanting the tomato into it's final growing location. 

All that now remains is to construct the Tower and install the legs into the sockets provided in the corner of the planter, which takes no time at all. Nearly forgot add 2 litres of water to the reservoir.

The plant tower "Maxitom" is the ideal plant support for your tomatoes. This complete set requires little space and is ideal for use in small areas: on the terrace, the balcony or in the garden.

The innovative, space saving design of the Maxitom is a great way of maximising your tomato harvest, enabling you to grow up to four plants for every metre – making it particularly good for gardens where space is at a premium.

The reseviour ensures a uniform supply of water to the plants from below, which prevents the dreaded tomato end rot.

The four levels of the tomato tower are individually mountable. Just adjust them to the growth of your plants. The stable, weather-resistant construction gives the plants the necessary support they require and is, at the same time, an eye-catcher.

The planter is available in two different colours Terracotta/Orange and Anthracite/Black which look Grey to me!

Probably due to the Carona Virus and peoples need to grow vegitables in their back gardens, but at the time of using this product and undertaking this review,  the Maxitom is out of stock.

Suttons are selling these as something called a "Tomato Success Kit" for £19.99 each or 3 x Kits for £49.97 which is a saving of £10 or 16%. 

The Small Print. I have not been paid to review this product, I'm not on commission and I was simply provided with the product to trial and review. 

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