Friday 8 May 2020

Getting Ready For The Temperature Drop

The cellulitis in my left leg has kept me off my feet for about 10 days now. A nurse has been in to take blood and my Diabetic medication has been increased to lower my blood sugar levels that have spiked so that I can cut off the food supply of sugar in my skin to the bacteria that are having a VE Day Street Party in my leg. 

The good news is that my foot has started to return to a normal size, the bad news is that the internal and external soreness around my leg isn't really getting too much better at the moment. I'm two days into my second course of antibiotics at the moment, and Paracetamol is helping with the pain.  

So after days of sitting with my leg up, I hobbled up to the Space Saver Greenhouse and potted the final batch of small tomato plants into vending machine cups.

I've spaced out the plants in a checker pattern in the modules and have placed a Bamboo Skewer in each vending machine cup and have cut some fleece so that I can drape it over the plants without crushing them. I've not used the trays on the outside of the Space Saver only the 4 inner trays. 

I removed the trays and modules from the second shelf down.

I washed four 3 x 5 (15) modules and have again placed the remaining tomatoes in a checker pattern with the bamboo skewers ready for fleece on Sunday night as the temperatures overnight are expected to drop to 2C and there are warnings of the possibility or frost.  

The onions are cold tolerant so I have left them on the outside tray locations.

By the time I had sorted this I could again hardly walk and my foot had stated to swell again so it's back to the settee and having my leg up and resting again. Thankfully within a couple of hours the foot had gone down again, but warning enough to stay off my feet as much as possible for the moment. So frustrating as I'm not one for sitting around, and I'm normally on the go doing something. 

As I type this on Saturday morning I have temperatures of 34.5C, 37.3C & 43C at 9:50am with the sun on the Space Saver and the door open. The Firefly Terracotta Pot heater is being used tonight as extra protection against a possible hard frost.  

Sweetcorn sowing is going to wait until the end of next week me thinks. 

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