Saturday 7 November 2020

New Seed Storage Case

After seeing this on Tony C Smiths You Tube channel I've just upped my seed storage by buying two Novalinks Photo Keeper with 16 photo cases which are an ideal size for packets of seeds. Technically I bought one because I suggested it would be a good Christmas present to my daughter Kelly. It arrived and Kelly has let me have it as an early Christmas present so I could get on and sort all my seeds out. I filled it and still had seed varieties over so I decided to buy another which is on it's way today.

I put the labels on with my Brother P-Touch.

So the question is How many packs can you get into each case?

The cases are 150mm x 100mm (6" x 4") and are 25mm (one inch) deep so at least 15 or more seed packs can go into each case, if you alternate the tops to bottoms. it depends how much air they capture when they make the packs and which end the seed bag is if they are using one in the pack. Fewer packs of seeds for things like Beans.

No more seed packs in envelopes in a plastic tool box for me, this is much more organised and easy to handle and I feel like I've upped my seed storage another level.


Second box came and now all my seeds apart from my Tomato Seed Bank are now stored in these two boxes.

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