Sunday 8 November 2020

Wasp Nest Clearance

Photo from a few years back when the grape vines first went in behind the greenhouse on plot 1 and the corner of the plot was clean and tidy!

The mission this weekend was to clear the greenhouse of the1000's of wasp bodies and the wasp nest now that the queen has left the nest. The greenhouse had become a store for cardboard sacks of sand and other items that were stored behind the shed before I had to clear the area because of the leaning wall that they have recently demolished. 

Treating a wasp next can be very dangerous, which is why I didn't use or clear the greenhouse until I knew they had departed. Not every wasps' nest needs destroying - so if it's well away from a building in a rarely used part of the garden, you might want to just leave it alone. Wasps do a good job of clearing aphids and on our allotment we always have aphids on our runner beans during the season, and there was no way I was going in the greenhouse to clear it and find the nest whilst it was active. 

Having cleared all the items that were on top of the bags of straw mulch sand on the floor I came the the large shopping back of fishing nets and the wasp next could be seen and had been built around that bag. 

Carefully detaching the bag from the nest, this was the view of the nest that had been built, I carefully removed it and placed it on the comfrey bed. 

The cardboard box and the small pop bottle had become part of the supporting structure. 

Michelle our resident bee keeper was fascinated that they had made honey combes much the same as her bees. She give talks on bee keeping and took the fragile structure away with her to use when she gives her talks.   

Having removed the nest, the next job was to clear the 1000's of dead wasps from all over the greenhouse.

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