Saturday 14 November 2020

Messy Shed Competition Winner!

I posted about Waltons Messy Shed Competition on here a couple of weeks ago, and on a few gardening Facebook groups and submitted my photo of my primary shed in the back garden and noted "I take my life in my hands every time I open the door that I don’t get crushed by an avalanche. 

If you read my post about the competition, you might just recognise the person that Waltons thinks submitted the messiest shed photo..... It's ME!  

Here is a link to their announcement with some honourable mentions and photos of those that just didn't quite manage to get as much into a shed as I have.  

Quote from Waltons Messy Shed Competition Winner Post 

"What a state! It must be hard to even close the door on all of that clutter. Alan wins a garden storage chest to store some of his overflow - but we fear that it'll quickly become just as messy... Congrats, Alan!"

Waltons Blog all I can say is Thank You very much, and If you are good a Jenga you can stack the last lot just behind the door, you just take your life in your hands opening the shed door on your next visit. I told my wife that I had won and It appears my wife fears are the same as Waltons for some unknown reason.

I can't wait for my prize to arrive and I'm going to use it to reduce the amount stored in the shed so that I can at least get into the shed to find the tools I need to do some redecorating of the house.      

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