Sunday 22 November 2020

Making Room For The Garden Store

If you are a regular reader you will know that I won the prize of 4 x 3 ft wooden garden storage chest worth £169.99 from Waltons in their Messy Shed competition to help me organise my garden clutter, by submitting a photo of my Messy Shed.

Well she (all sheds are she, well for men anyway!) arrives on Monday so over this weekend after agenising if I should use it down the allotment or to sort out my messy shed problem at home I decided sorting out the messy shed at home would be best. 

I have been considering where to put the store and the best place is to the left of the space saver greenhouse where the cold framed currently stands.

The cold frame is the same depth as the store so it will fit on the paving slabs beside the path. 

The photo above shows the cold frame being used to bring on the huge amount of tomatoes that I usually grow at home. Now the thing is with the extra greenhouse on the allotment will I actually need to grow as many at home? 

I'm thinking possibly not, so then I agenising over do I find a better spot for the cold frame in better light possibly on the other side of the greenhouse, but If I do that there will be a huge reduction in the amount of tomatoes that will be able to be grown in the back garden.  Or perhaps the cold frame should go to the allotment? Decisions, decisions.....  

The ladder will have to be moved up so that the cold frame can slide under it. and I would loose 10 flower buckets of tomatoes, but I will have the Quadgrows in the new Greenhouse on plot 1 which is four plants and I can fit in 3 plants in the narrow beds or perhaps even put one tomato plant into each of the three square foot garden beds, which would replace the 10 plants normally grown in the back garden!  I think I have made my decision (for the moment) and if push comes to shove I can always take the cold frame to the allotment but I think it will serve me better at home.

The property next door has been let and the tenants have done absolutely no garden maintenance at all over the last two years and currently the hedge behind the fencing over is two foot of shaggy growth as I could not trim it last year and this year because of my cellulitis and the problems I have had with my legs climbing ladders.

Taking things carefully I have manged to emptied the cold frame and for the moment have relocated it on the lawn. then using the three step platform, cut back the top and the overhanging portion of the hedge behind where the cold frame was.

Sunday more composting materials in the form of all leaves that were removed from the footpath and from around the cold frame were taken is a couple of sacks and 10 buckets with lids to the allotment and fed to the Dalek's, and more clearing of the greenhouse on plot 1A and sorting of the shed took place in the morning.

Garden Store to be delivered Monday between 7am and 7pm, I'm hoping for a dry day so that in between the work I have to do, I can clear the hedge cuttings and dependent what time it arrives I may even get it erected and ready to help me start digging my way into my shed. 

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