Monday 28 September 2020

Another Temporary Roof Covering

I popped down to the allotment this afternoon to cover the roof with a large sheet of plastic I had been saving in the Ketta Store at home from something we had delivered and I was in squirrel mode and thought "Umm that could be useful" and squirreled it away. 

I love the staple gun so quick for a job like this, especially when you don't want to be directly behind that wall for very long.    

We are moving into the rainy season and I know the contractor is supposed to start work next week on the wall but I also know how bloody slow the council and their contractors are in getting anything done. 

I also took the opportunity to remove some of the items I would be really annoyed to loose should the wall fall down on the shed and flatten it. There is not a lot in the shed that is really expensive and worth anything, but I do have a some of my old Dads gardening tools and bits and pieces that have sentimental value. 

But where to store them until the danger is over?

A quick weed of one of the beds, and some remedial works to the longitudinal bracing to the hoops, plus two pallets to keep things off the ground and the temporary shelter was ready to rock'n'roll. two beds behind the hoops you can see the side extension to the shed laid down on the bed ready to be re installed once the work is complete. 

Another saved item from the Ketta Store was the tarp garden furniture cover that I used to use when we had the teak garden set. It turned out to be big enough to cover the bed over the hoop framework and ideal for the job in hand. It also has the benefit of just looks like another hoop covered bed.

I have the new roof covering material and once the wall is down and the new fence erected I will give the old shed a new roof, assuming she survives what I keep referring too when talking to the man form the council as "the careful deconstruction of the wall", as demolition conjures up a whole different mental image on how they may go about the job at hand. 

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