Thursday 17 September 2020

PEST XT Fox Repeller

Some time ago I blogged about
Waltons Do More Than Just Sheds and that I had treated myself to something that I happened to find on their web site, well here it is the PEST XT Battery Powered Fox Repeller.

We have always had problems on the site with foxes and cubs, they come they play they chew any gloves or shoes that they can get at, they poo on your paths and beds, they dig beds and woodchip paths for worms to eat. I've even seen cubs using the blue hoop and debris netting cloches as a trampoline.        

The PEST XT unit works by sending out sound waves when the PIR detects IR Radiation, Temperature Difference and or Movement.

Technical Information 

Power Supply 4 x AA Alkaline Batteries (Not Included)
Working current 110mA, 0.6W
Frequency: 19-45 KHZ
Coverage 8 metres, 110 degrees 

Now although it says Fox Repeller the frequency control setting go from 1 to 13 or 19KHZ to 45 KHZ and works on a number of creatures 

Cats between 3 - 5
Dogs between 3 - 4 
Foxes between 3 - 6
Squirrels between 2 - 7 
Rodents between 2 - 7 
insects between 2 - 13  

So no idea what animal 1 is for ? 

The Sensitivity Distance also has 13 settings and they are;

The first pip is off and 1 to 12 are settings, as you turn the dial off the fist indicator mark a red LED light will flash in the PIR sensor for several seconds accompanied by a low clicking sound. This indicates that the unit is working; the unit is now in stand-by mode. When the PIR detects motion, the ultrasonic speakers and LED light will activate. The ultrasonic speaker will sound for a few seconds, then the repeller will return to stand-by mode. 

Set on 2 - 3 works up to 2 metres and closer <<<< What's the difference between 2 & 3?
Set on 4 - 5 works up to 4 metres and closer <<<< Is this an error as there is no 3m range stated?
Set on 6 - 7 works up to 4 metres and closer <<<< What's the difference between 6 & 7?
Set on 8 - 9 works up to 5 metres and closer <<<< What's the difference between 8 & 9?
Set on 10 - 11 works up to 7 metres and closer <<<< What's the difference between 10 & 11?
Set on 12 works up to 8 metres and closer

So what does 13 do or is 12 actually 13 because 1 is being ignored? 

I've made enquires of the suppliers technical support and will update this post when I get an answer. 

For best results with this unit choose a location close to a wall or fence so that any animals will be encouraged to walk in front of it, once they start to walk away because of the noise , the repeller will continue to detect them in a wide sweep of 110 degrees until they are out of range. To cover larger area it would be beneficial to have 2 units positioned facing each other or at right angles to each over as shown below. 

The PEST XT can be bought singly or in pairs and currently they are being sold by Waltons at £22.99 for a pack of 2 the RRP is £29.99

This is not the PEST XT but a lidl's Parkways or Parkside brand unit on my neighbours plot. 

Now there is no point having it at a level where a plant grows in front of it and blocks the PIR range, and I guess it also has a number of setting for a fox, so either he hasn't found the right setting or the fox is old and deaf! 

I'm going to install the PEST XT next season and I have also bought two 
SQ11 HD 1080P Mini Hidden DVR Cameras IR Security Night Home Motion Detection UK off ebay at £6.29 each including P&P to see if the foxes come and check out the PSET XT once they go in, assuming these cheap camera actually work!. 

Have you tried an Ultrasonic animal Repeller? 

Did it work for you? 

Please let me know in the comments below. 

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