Wednesday 2 September 2020

Amazon On The Edge

Fires are devastating the Amazon again. But this isn’t just another year of burning. Our destruction is making the Amazon dangerously unbalanced. If we continue, the Amazon as we know it could soon come tumbling down, for good.
But thanks to your pressure, the UK Government are finally listening. Right now, they are considering new laws that could bring an end to our role in the destruction – making sure products imported to the UK aren’t fuelling the demand for deforested land.
This would be a huge step in preventing the Amazon, and other precious places, from collapsing.  But they’ll only act if enough of us speak up. We need them to hear loud and clear:
Don’t let products imported to the UK push the Amazon closer to collapse.
Use the form on the WWF Webpage to send an email to the UK Government in response to their consultation. 

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