Saturday 12 September 2020

Pre Blight Tomato Harvesting

I'm having a quick coffee break as I'm about 50% through harvesting all the tomatoes in the back garden as Blight is just starting to show around here. Some Tomatoes are in the fridge, The panet of tomatoes above are from a Minibel plant. 

With the fridge full and the kitchen worktops, I decided to start storing some in the Space Saver Greenhouse. Red are on one side of the greenhouse and the greens are on the other side. Note the difference in size between a Gigantomo and a Tiny Tim tomato, that's a 20p for scale  

Greens tomatoes. I still have two Micro Toms growing in the greenhouse. 

Gigantomo on the turn, having a little blush at the moment. 

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