Friday 25 September 2020

Council Going Through The Motions

Above are some photos of the Dangerous Structure (Wall) behind my shed following the removal of the trees and branches that the contractor working on the development in the background dropped and then after much fuss finally removed off my roof. 

View from the other side of the wall 

I was told by the council not to use my shed as the wall behind it is dangerous (no shit Sherlock!) 

After repeated attempts to get the council to do something, and a meeting on site with the Neighbourhood Manger for the Council over a five weeks ago, they were still waiting for quotes from builder they requested some eight weeks ago. 

it's no surprise that despite 7 years of notification that the wall was having to be rebuilt and time to budget for the remedial works, they don't have enough money to rebuild the wall with masonry so we are looking at a 1.8m (6 ft) timber fence with a 150mm 6" gravel board as a replacement . 

I've asked about trellises to take it as high as the wall, but apparently despite there being a double story bike rack/ climbing frame that little buggers will be able to climb to get over the lower timber fence, they have not got the money for that either. 

So the question is, if they don't have money for trellis how the blazes did they think they would have money to re-build in masonry!. 

And the answer is, it was an excuse to remain sitting on the hands with their thumbs up their backside when these works could and should have been done weeks if not months or years ago before the ties they fitted 7 years ago when I reported the wall on the left was dangerous and it has now damaged the wall behind my shed by dragging it along its damp proof course and has effectively doubling the area that needs to be fixed.    

The trees that the contractor removed were a likely major contributing factor to the walls demise but they had also grown over the top of the wall and were actually assisting in holding the wall up. 

Did the council make an insurance claim against the land owner? NO, have they missed the boat on that one, YES! by seven years.

After the tree was cut and everything that created my natural cave of tree and ivy collapsed on my shed behind and beside over the racking timber store. I removed everything from behind the shed and beside it 

That area corner was a right mess with debris built up over the years on the polycarbonate sheeting I had covering the area below the branches and ivy.   

What I didn't remove was the racking between the shed and the wall or the water butt in front of the fence panel. 

It now appears the councils contract needs the area cleared to take the wall down. Such a shame they could not have done that from the other side when it was effectively a building site. So the man from the council came to look at it with me today. 

I had arrived about an hour earlier than out appointment and I had removed all the composting material in the side extension to the shed and had unscrewed the side extension. I had also removed the water butt from the corner before her arrived.  

He assisted me in relocating the side extension on one of the beds, and he pulled out the fence panel and racking that I was informed to leave alone. We moved the bench off the patio and made the entrance wider by moving some large planters, so if the contractor wants to use a mini dumper to take the wall to a skip in the drop off and pick up area they can. 

He took some photographs to send to the contractor to see if this was sufficient to undertake the works or if I was also going to have to clear and move the shed!

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