Friday, 29 November 2019

Tomato Seed Selection for 2020

Due to my leg injury tomatoes in 2019 were a complete disaster and I ended up losing nearly all my seedlings. I’m determined to get back on track for 2020 and to utilise both greenhouses on the allotment as well as grow some out on the plot and the 22 Flower Buckets in the back garden

So what to grow in 2020?

On the Plot out in the open - Crimson Crush & Rapunzel

Growing tomatoes out in the allotment is risky in terms of early blight but I managed it in 2018 with one Crimson Crush & Rapunzel that provided me with more tomatoes than the 22 plants at home in the garden did.

So I need to decide just how many plants to grow in 2020?

I have two narrow 600mm wide x 2.4, beds in and they would be ideal for 3 plants per bed spaced at 400 – 800 – 800 – 400 and I can make some planting membrane up to keep the weeds at bay.

In the two Greenhouses on the plot Mini & Micro Tomatoes look to have at least one of each of the 9 varieties in each greenhouse. Sow 4 of each with the hope of 2 healthy specimens germinating.

Also going to try  Gigantomo F1 in at least one greenhouse

I have some Virtual Seed Parcel Seeds over from last year and will once again try and grow and save seeds from these varieties and contribute back to the seed circle. There are 11 varieties which means one row in the back garden.

Alaskan Fancy  6 seed
Egyptian 5 Seeds
Indigo Blue Beauty 10 Seeds
Kenilworth / King George 4 Seeds
Latah Red 9 Seeds
Lukullus 8 Seeds
Red Alert  9 Seeds
Stupice 6 Seeds

Looking for 11 more varieties for the front row of the garden 22


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