Wednesday 13 November 2019

Ryobi R18SW3 Cordless Debris Sweeper

The R18SW3-0 Cordless Debris Sweeper offers fast spinning 155rpm brushes with a 53cm width that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

The comfortable handlebars designed to provide the user with easy control for collecting debris around a workshop or garage quickly. This paired with the lightweight and agile design makes it the ideal cleaning tool for any workplace.

This model has also been designed with a height adjustable handlebar and padded grip for comfort and easier control.

The Debris Sweeper also includes a large 17L dust bin for collecting debris, dirt and dust, and a kick switch at the back for easy control and reduced contact with dirty parts.

The R18SW3-0 can also be easily stored on its vertical standing feet by flipping it upright and stowing the handle bar down, taking up hardly any room in a workspace or garage.

This is a bare unit - batteries and charger are not included (available to buy separately).

And if we had dryer weather in the UK I would like this better for harvesting leaves in the Autumn for the Allotment. If Ryobi or one of the UK dealers want to send me a free one to trial whilst the leaves are on my drive I would be quite happy to oblige.  

£159.92 Amazon
.             B&Q
£155.95 CBS Power Tools
£179.98 CPC
.             Halfords
.             Homebase
.             Machine Mart
.             Power Tool Mate
£166.95 Tooled Up
£167.99 SGS Engineering

So only 5 out of 12 Ryobi Retailers sell this tool in the UK Interesting and again worrying  that B&Q, CPC, Halfords, Homebase, Littlewoods, Machine Mart, Power Tool Mate & Very are not carrying this One+ Tool

Prices above all including FREE P&P as the minimum order value of £100 is exceeded.

So for this particular power tool at the time of reviewing the web sites there is a difference of £24.03 between the highest and lowest selling price and the winner is £155.95 CBS Power Tools

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