Tuesday 19 November 2019

In My Seed Box for 2020 - Swede

OK I admit when I think of swede it takes me back to my childhood as my Mum used to cook roast dinners all the time and swede was part of our staple diet, however since growing up and getting married it's not something that the wife is particularly fond off, but now as I am taking on more of the cooking duties and the fact that I have a packet "Best of All"  seed that came with the Grow Your Own magazine. I also picked up a couple of Carters Tested Seeds packs from Poundland in the sale. 

Due to my leg injury in 2019 I didn't get around to sowing Swede, and in chatting with my sister-in-law Pauline who also has a plot on the same allotment site, she has not had much luck growing swede in the past, so with the additional half plot I feel that space needs to be found to grow this vegetable in 2020 and that I should learn how to cook it !

I have a vague recollection of my old Mum boiling it, mashing it and adding butter, but I may be wrong !

Best of All  - 750 Seeds - FREE - Mr Fothergill's - Sow By 2021

Sow        May - Jun
Harvest  Oct - Mar

Invitation - 100 Seeds - 25p - Carters (Poundland) - Sow by 7/2021

Sow                Mid April - Mid Jun
Harvest          Nov - Feb
Germination  6 - 10 days 

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