Thursday 21 November 2019

Still Digging Spuds

One has to take advantage of free time when your daughters have decided that they are taking their Mum Christmas shopping to Crawley for the afternoon. I kept my diary free of work and have been watching the weather and although very cold, it was ideal weather for digging the last thirds of both beds 4 &5.  Another small trug of potatoes and a half trug of bind weed and couch grass from both beds. 

Yes I did manage to spear a couple of very large spuds today as well, and as the water has been turned off there was no washing the spuds in mushroom trays today.

Bed 4 & 5 covered for the winter months and two sacks of leaves from the apple trees at home ready to go in the leaf bin once I have removed the bind weed from around it, or I may have to re think the leaf bins up against the wall as the bind weed comes through the dpc of the wall from the other side and I really need to get rid of it all again like I did in 2012/ 13.

The three drums of leaves from Emma & Andy's garden waiting for somewhere to be stored, I may have to make a temporary leaf bin out of bread baskets like I have historically or perhaps add to the daleks as a brown layer. I still have cabbages to clear and add to the Daleks.    

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