Sunday 10 November 2019

Digging Up More Spuds

Last Sunday was devoted to Plot 1, so only fair that this Sunday I work on Plot 1A. No daughter at home this weekend to allow me to get to the plot early so only 3.5 hours of playing with the mud time today. It had been raining last night but this morning was bright no clouds in the sky, sunny and dry. 

Bed 1 cleared of most of the weeds, as it was the last bed worked on before I had to come home for lunch.  Bed 2 Cabbages and Brassicas to be cleared on a future visit.  I started clearing the bindweed from the Runner Bean climbing frame. 

The Runner Bean frame need to be dismantled and fixed back to the wall with angle brackets before next season, an over Winter infrastructure job.

2/3 of the spuds in bed 3 were dug up last weekend, 1/2 of the spuds in bed 4 were dug up this weekend. Next year I'm not planting as many spuds in the ground and perhaps two rows per bed rather than 3 row planting sheets will be used or maybe I will invest in more buckets 

Leaf bins in the middle of the photo up against the wall need clearing and topping up to the brim again and watered at a future visit.

Raspberries (between Leaf Bins & Greenhouse) to be cut back and the remainder of the grape vine removed before next growing season.  

Bed 11 weeded and covered for Winter. The Blue pipe needs to be cut as a forth 25mm thick hoop for the high sprout cage to replace the thin pipe that slumps when the cage is constructed until braced.  

Plastic on the path between Beds 9 & 10 was washed off and bed 9 planting membrane to be removed and replaced with a full sheet after weeding and feeding the bed for the Winter at a future visit.

Beds 7 & 8 still have the corn stalks in the ground and there beds need to be cleared, weeded, fed and covered for Winter on a future visit, but not until the new Dalek army has it's base in place along plot 1

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