Sunday 3 November 2019

Woodchip Greenhouse Area

A Sunday when my youngest daughter came home Saturday night, and is around Sunday morning to assist my wife should she need help and thus allowing me to get to the allotment by 8:00 am giving me five hours on the plot before I need to go home for Sunday lunch. 

On arriving I noticed that the pile of woodchip that I had dropped at the edge of my plot had diminished slightly so I decided to forget what I had planned to do and to concentrate on infrastructure works, before the pile is robbed away by others. I cleared the weeds around the greenhouse, layed new weed membrane and levelled the area including the path. 

My eldest daughter popped down for an hour to give me a hand and we managed to get the area covered and levelled and the greenhouse placed back where I had planned it. I found enough full and cut paving slabs to use as a floor in the second greenhouse. 

I need to fix the timber frame together and lift the greenhouse onto the frame at a future visit and finally get the glazing fixed before next season. It's now finally looking as having the greenhouse completed for next season is really going to happen. 

The freecycle garden table will be reassembled and will be used as a potting table located behind the greenhouse and the water butts will go either side of the greenhouse.  

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