Thursday, 1 February 2018

Planning and Reviewing February in Previous Years

Reviewing the diary over the last five years for February

2013 - Infrastructure works, drying weeds for burning, burning weeds, Rain start of the month, dry towards the end, delivery of woodchip to plot, built a coldframe  
2014Infrastructure works, transplanting bluebells and daffs in comfrey bed, bought and planted fruit trees, Constructed Greenhouse Sub Frame, Seeds from Lidl I could not resist at 29p a pack or 5 for a £1   

2015 -  Allotment Winter Tidy Up, Spent tomato compost & coir dressing added to beds, Sprouts, Cabbage, Chitting Potatoes, Timber base for the greenhouse created, Onions from Seeds   

2016 - Infrastructure works, kerb stones off freecycle, Base for the shed on Spencer Road. Erecting the Shed, Trimming shaggy weed membrane, gathering compost paper & Coffee Grounds.

2017 - Infrastructure works, Laying concrete slabs at Spencer Road in the Greenhouse area , Portable Grow Station created and Sprouts sown, Grow Station 2 created, Chitting potatoes in Grow Station 2,   

Planned for 2018

January was very wet, so I'm playing catch up with a lot of items that were scheduled to happen last month. So if the weather permits I have plan to undertake more Infrastructure works, clearing and weeding the area on the new plot in the location of the shed. 

I will keep a look out for the Digital Thermometers from Lidl and purchase a few additional ones for the greenhouse and to replace a couple where the screen is not quite as good as it was.  

To Do List  
  • As much infrastructure works as the weather will allow - Not enough last month!
  • Assemble new bed edging on plot 1A and weed membrane paths - TBD
  • Comfrey water butt to be taken from Spencer Road back to Mill Green - Done
  • Weed & Level the Shed and Greenhouse Area - Started but need to be completed
  • Dig the tree out of the middle of the plot - Done 
  • Remove the Trees from along the wall  - TBD
  • Lay weed membrane over the whole plot - 2/3 covered 1/3 being worked 
  • Collect the slabs from Spencer Road - All but 2 and those under the shed collected 
  • Lay the slabs for the shed and Greenhouse - TBD  
  • Erect the greenhouse - TBD
  • Make Air Onion raised bed frame - TBD
  • Move Comfrey Pipe from Spencer Road to Mill Green - TBD
  • Rhubarb Bed to be created - TBD
  • Cut more path weed membrane - enough done for plot 1A more to follow
  • Purchase vent opener for new greenhouse.- TBD

Move paving slabs from Spencer Road to Mill Green
Infrastructure works on Mill Green Allotment Plot 1
Infrastructure works on Mill Green Allotment Plot 1A
Apple - plant trees
FebruaryApple - prune trees - and train along wires.

Week 1
Week 1
Week 1
Week 1
Brussel Sprouts - 1st sowing Eversham Special, Bedford Darkmar 21 & Rubine, Breast Cromwell & Montgomery
Cauliflower (early summer) - sow seed indoors
Spring Onions - start to sow fortnightly - North Holland Blood Red       
Week 1 - 2
Week 1 - 2

Week 2
Week 3
Week 3
Week 3
Leek Herfstuezen 3 - Porvite - sow seed under glass / indoors
Leek Musselburgh
- sow seed under glass / indoors
Radish - Sparkler 3
Radish - Icicle
Lettuce (Winter) - sow fortnightly
Potatoes- chit / sprout seed potatoes
Week 3
Week 3 - 4
Week 3
Week 3
Carrots - cover / warm up the carrot beds.
Brussel Sprouts - 2nd sowing Eversham Special, Bedford Darkmar 21 & Rubine
Spring Onions - start to sow fortnightly - North Holland Blood Red
Cauliflower (summer) - prepare ground
Week 3Cauliflower (autumn) - prepare ground
Week 3Cabbage (summer) - sow seeds indoors
Week 4
Week 4
Week 4
Week 4

Sweet pepper - sow California Wonder, Lunchbox & Sweet seeds
Lettice (Winter)- sow fortnightly
Radish - Cherry Belle
Tomatoes -
01 Beefsteak
02 Gardeners Delight
03 Crimson Crush F4
04 Kibitz
05 Money Maker
06 One Hundreds and Thousands
07 Outdoor Girl
08 Stupicke Poini Rane
09 Rapunzel
Late FebAsparagus - prepare ground for crowns


  1. I am quite jealous of how organised you are, perhaps I should write a detailed to do list too. Also love the colour coding!

  2. Why thank you very much, don't forget Plan Your Work then Work Your Plan. Its' the second part of that quote that I have real problems with LOL