Wednesday 27 February 2019

The Garden Press Event

I've been looking forward to attending this event all over the Winter months, my wish that more information about who is attending and going to be there being released a few weeks before the event came true this year as an email arrived a couple of weeks ago with a link to an online version of the brochure that you get handed to you at registration.  Half the fun of attending this event is discovering new exhibitors and new products.  

It's a great venue and in my humble opinion much better than the Barbican which has been used in the past. This year was different because it's warm dry sunny and 18C where as last year the Beast From The East meant that we were travelling in the cold with snow on the ground wearing moon boots and thick winter coats.

In my rush to get there I didn't pick up my mobile so no photos of the stalls this year. 

My favorite New Product had to be the New iTip Rotating Wheelbarrow Handles which I was lucky enough to be provided with a free set to try out on my wheelbarrow.

I did try the product at the event and loved the simplicity of design and the grip of the handle when using the wheelbarrow with them fitted .

Here they are in use. The handles fit into tubes up to 32mm diameter, and they completely remove the need for you to alter your grip and way of holding the traditional handles when getting around 45 degrees or the mid tipping point of balance from above to underneath which is a benefit to those with mobility and dexterity issues.  

It looks as if even a kid can fit them so when I get them down to the allotment I will have a bash and let you know how I get on with them.

This product won the Best International Invention of the year Award from the British Inventions Society and was well received on Channels 4's "Buy it Now" program, if you want to find out more about the product and perhaps purchase then visit the iTipHandlles Web Site 

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