Thursday 28 February 2019

Marshalls Seeds New for 2019

Marshalls is one of my favorite seed suppliers, I like the packaging format and the information provided on the pack, the other thing I really like is when they supply seeds for free in their press pack at the Garden Press Event which I attended yesterday. 

Attendees of the Garden Press Event normally come home with a free goody bags from a range of companies at the event, and it's quite exciting to see what's in the bags when you have struggled home under the burden of the load especially when there are things like packs of grass seed, fertiliser and weed killer that tends to be a bit weighty. It's a long walk from the venue to the underground and then home when you have a number of bags full of goodies.

In this years Marshalls Goody bag contained the following seeds packs, these varieties suit a range of situations from container growing on a small balcony to raising crops on a large allotment meaning home-growers of all abilities and with all space can reap the rewards :-

Beetroot - Sugar Salad Mix
Carrot - Silvano F1
Carrot - Charisma F1 (Main Crop Chante nay)
Chilli Pepper - Moruga Red
Chilli Pepper - Machu Pichu
Chilli Pepper - Lancer
French Beans - Dwarf Bush Borlotti Beans 
Green Manure - Tagetes Ground Control
Onion - Hylander F1
Okra - French Quarter
Pepper - Sweet Tangerine Dream
Pepper - Lemon Dream
Radish - Breakfast Mix
Rocket  - Athena
Spinach - Cymbal F1
Tomato - Arielle F1 (Outdoor Cherry)
Tomato - Dwarf Cherry Summerlast F1
Tomato - Lizzano F1
Tomato - Patio Plum

Dates on the backs of the packs vary from one pack with 2020 to 2022 so no mad rush for me to grow them all this year but here is my starter for 10 which no doubt will change as these things do as the season goes on. I will be commenting of the results of those that I do grow this year as and when they grow and are harvested.

Beetroot - The Sugar Salad Mix is a mix of the sweetest, softest-hearted varieties so you can eat straight from the garden with no cooking. Disease resistant varieties for successful harvests. So I will grow these as well as the normal varieties that I grow for pickling, Three 2.4x1.2m beds of Beetroots last year looks like taking on that extra half plot was the right idea.

CarrotsMarshalls has teamed up with the National Vegetable Society for a chance for home-growers to show off their carrot crops at five shows around the country. See the Marshalls Blog for more information.

Chilli Peppers - Umm making me feel like I need to get the grow stations going and sow these this weekend 

Chilli Red Moruga - Rare scorpion-type peppers giving off superlative heat produced in abundance on every plant. This scrambling variety provides excellent cover in the greenhouse as well as vibrant red fruit.

Chilli Lancer F1 - The perfect chilli variety for drying and making your own chilli powder. Upright peppers develop well on a sunny and ventilated window sill.

Chilli Machu Pichu
- Rare brown peppers with medium heat and a smoky flavour adorn plants that reach 90cm (3ft) in height. Perfect for growing in conservatories and greenhouses.

French Beans - With an additional half plot I may grow these this year if the beds ready in time and next year if they are not.  

Green Manure - Companion plant for salad crops like tomatoes to keep pests away- this marigold is great for organic growers. Roots release sulphur in the soil naturally to deter nearby fungi and soil pests. Defiantly worth a go on one of the new beds where I will be growing tomatoes on the allotment 

Onion - I will grow these from Boxing Day next year me thinks 

Okra - Not something I have grown before but looking at it you can sow from January so one for next year me thinks.

Peppers - Got to be worth trying now in the grow stations, especially as I will have an additional greenhouse on the new half plot. 

Radish - The Breakfast Mix Includes a first in purple French Breakfast radishes. Excellent for harvesting leaves or juicy roots. With a satisfying bite to every radish, and as I'm on a diet and eating more salad they have to be grown this year. 

Rocket - Will be grown this year as I'm on a diet and need Salad ! 

Spinach - I will donate these seeds to one of my allotment buddies who I know likes Spinach

Tomatoes - As anyone who follows my Blog will know I love Tomatoes and grow quite a few different varieties each year, and have a large seed bank of different varieties. I save tomato seeds to contribute to seed circles to keep heritage varieties alive. That does not mean that I'm not diverse to growing F1 varieties especially when they have been provided Free or have been purchased in a Garden Centre end of season Seed Sale. 

I'm growing 22 varieties in the back garden and mini and micro varieties in the greenhouses in the Back garden and in the Greenhouses on the allotment this year so the Marshalls Arielle F1, Summerlast F1 & Patio Plum will be included in my growing list for 2019.

Tomato Patio Plum - Is a rare crinkle-leaf bush-variety producing 20-30 mini-plum type tomatoes on every plant. Happy on a sunny patio and with no support required. Great for beginner growers.

Tomato Summerlast F1 - Is a Productive plant giving you summer and autumn harvests. Easy to grow: no need to pinch out little side-shoots, this miniature variety is happy on a sunny patio or window garden, and hopefully in my Space Saver Greenhouse.

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