Sunday 24 February 2019

Hawthorne Attack

When I got up to go to the allotment this morning it was cold I was breathing out smoke, I wiped down the dew off the windows except the front windscreen which as covered in ice. So I warmed the car up and put the heater on and waited for the warmth to do its work and then made my way to the allotment getting there just before 8am.

Frost covered the timber joists that I painted on my last visit, and so it was that I decided to attack the Hawthorne bush / tree and cut off as much as I could rather than paint over frost covered timber. My future son-in-law arrived with a van load of leafs from his garden and we filled up the leaf boxes to the top, we topped up two Daleks and filled another Dalek that contains only leaf's up to the very top.

We had a coffee then he departed and I attacked the Hawthorne 

The top of the tree is lying over the slabs and I gradually started working my way into it filling up a couple of square flower buckets with cuttings. Rotting timber was cut to the flower bucket height and was left in the sun to dry out. 

Cuttings and timber previously stored was used to fill the two incinerators and was set alight. I love the incinerators when they suck air in through the bottom and expel the heat and like this morning flames through the chimney burning nearly clean with very little smoke. 

Most of the problems we have with neighbours occurs when plot holders burn wet weeds and material that produces a load of smoke without letting it dry out first. I only have the rest of March to have fires, so that's only four weekends to cut up the trees and old rotten timber I inherited when I got the plot and burn it all 

Bed 13 the daffodil & Tulip bed is doing really well and it looks like I will have quite a few flowers to take home to the wife. 

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