Sunday 27 January 2019

Tulips & Fire

I was fairly pissed off that I would not be able to get on with painting the timber joist that are to be used as bed edging when I awoke at 7am to rain.

The forecast was for it to rain all morning until about 11am, however no one had told the weather that the forecast had changed and come 8:00am it started to get a bit brighter and the rain stopped.

So a mad dash to a very cold and damp plot to see what could be done. The mass of Tulips have been sitting in shed since I bought them to go into the transition beds from Plot 1A to Plot 1 which unfortunately are still not ready yet 

I filled all but three rows of bed 13 with Daffs a couple of weeks ago, this morning those 3 rows were planted with Tulips 

The long and short terracotta coloured plastic pots have been sown with Tulips  

I really could not have left the tulips in the shed anymore, I found half a dozen large black pots and have probably put too many tulips in together but it will have to do for this year.  

Dam I didn't notice the last pot I used was smaller than the others

As I was running out of compost and needed to get to the sack near the potting bed that was covered in bamboo canes, I decided to screw the two brackets I made from the tops of flower buckets to the side of the shed so that I can stack all the 1.2m canes neatly out of the way.  

I managed to greatly reduce the size of the Hawthorne in the middle and have reduced the one nearest to the shed to a stump. The middle one and the one at the end of the plot need to be dealt with and burnt before the end of March when we are no longer allowed to have fires.   

I set the contents two incinerators alight and because the material was dry in them, they both burnt with very little smoke, so not a massive change to the look of the allotment, but some progress despite the weather and everything being wet.

As it hit 1pm the rain started all over again, so a quick tidy and home for Sunday lunch.

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