Sunday 6 January 2019

Painting Raised Bed Timbers

This Sunday I woke up a little later than usual, and there were things to do at home that took priority over the allotment in the morning and I ended up shopping and cooking lunch, but as it was dry I shoe horned in a visit to the allotment in the afternoon and set about painting the timbers that have been cut to bed size. 

As I have a load of timber stacked and ready to cut I really need to get the timbers on the saw horses painted and moved out of the way. The Photos were just before coming home as the light was going, it has to be said the phone cameras theses days are fabulous at making it look much lighter than it was.  

When I left, all the 1.2m timbers are painted, but the 2.5m lengths are only painted on two sides and the ends on the two saw horses in the back of the photo, and only the ends and one edge on the saw horse front left of the picture. So hopefully the weather will remain dry and I can manage to find a couple of hours during the week to get the rest painted.  

Currently on the Saw Horses I have 7 x 1.2m and 16 x 2.5m lengths 

Already painted and off the horses I have 6 x 1.2m and 3 x 2.5m

So that's a total 13 x 1.2m and 19 x 2.5m length before I cut up the pile of timbers stacked on the left of the bay 

I should get a 2.5 & a 1.2m out of those boards on the left so that's another 5 boards of each size which works out at two and a half beds worth. 

There are some shorter boards stacked down the end of the plot that I will be cutting down to 1.2m lengths to make up the 6 number 1.2m lengths I need, which will mean I should have enough timber for 12 Beds. 

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