Sunday 13 November 2022

Fred the Frog!

At last, after all the rain I managed a visit with my Son-In-law Andy to the allotment this Sunday morning. 

I wanted to cut and drop the green manure on two of the beds where it was just about to go to flower and harvest the beetroots. Andy asked me what else need to be done and after giving him the to do list, was keenest on cutting back the Winter Raspberries and weeding the beds and paths.

I chopped and dropped the green manure and was in the process of covering the bed up when Fred decided he didn't want to be under the Winter blanket. 

I called Andy over to take a look at Fred, who looks a whole lot smaller in this photo

Green Manure growing really slowly, the Sweetcorn bed needs stripping and composting then covering for Winter. The Courgette bed has run its course and needs clearing and covering on a future visit, as does the Broccoli and De Purple Cauliflower beds. 

I didn't get time to weed the beetroot bed, so I just covered it up with the netting again and will weed and put a Winter blanket on it. 

A great beetroot harvest, perhaps I should have harvested them a little earlier as some are quite large. 

View up plot 1 from the main path showing the removal of all the late raspberry canes from the first 3 beds. One can see how much the grass has grown due to October and early November being so mild.

The water was still turned on, so I washed all the mud splatter off the Daleks and the stacked timber along the edge of my plot where my neighbour Ade had trimmed back the path and his plot. 

In many respects that's why the Daleks are placed along the path as a barrier, because when Ade trims the path and his plot, mud and stones get flicked into the plot and before I placed them along the path between the two plots, items would hit the greenhouse on plot 1A.   

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