Thursday, 24 November 2022

Dwarf, Climbing & Runner Beans

Dobies have a selection of New Dwarf, Climbing and Runner Beans that they have added to their catalogue for 2023 and here are the three that I have added to my seed box for hopefully growing on the new climbing greenhouse frame that I hope to get erected before the growing season next year.

Dwarf bean
French Dior - Code 41 10 21 - 120 Seeds - £2.99

 Extremely high yielding

 The beans keep their colour when cooked

 Very disease resistant including mosaic virus

Well flavoured, crunchy beans which are easy to spot due to their yellow colour. Dwarf Bean ‘Dior’ is an RHS Award of Garden Merit winner, which forms compact, sturdy plants, reliably setting high yields of uniform pods about 13cm long. Height: 450mm (18"). Spread: 300mm (12").

Companion planting: Try growing French beans with Nasturtiums to draw aphids away from your crop.

Climbing French bean
Sunshine - Code 41 10 22 - 45 Seed - £3.49

Sunshine-yellow round-podded climbing beans perfect to grow in a small space
Generous crops of sweet tender pods over a long period
Easy to see on the plants
These sunshine yellow beans stand out beautifully against the foliage to make picking easy. Climbing Bean ‘French Sunshine’ is a reliable, disease-resistant variety from the same breeder as the excellent Climbing Bean ‘Cobra’. It produces generous crops of tender pods which reach up to 17-18cm long. The waxy, yellow pods are stringless and sweet flavoured and continue cropping over a long period. Height: 1800mm (70"). Spread: 300mm (12").

Runner Bean
Black Knight - Code 41 10 23 - 20 Seeds - £3.99

 Pods mature to an unusual purple black

 Easy to spot and harvest

 A decorative addition to the veg plot

Your runner beans don’t have to be green! Runner Bean ‘Black Knight’ produces pods which start off green but mature to a purple black making them easy to spot and harvest. 

Attractive bright red flowers and juicy pods. 

Height: 3m (10'). Spread: 300mm (12").

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