Friday, 25 November 2022

Mr Fothergill's - Radish Whitella F1

NEW to Mr Fothergill's - Whitella F1 Radish - Item Code 38215 - 300 Seeds - £2.40

The Mr Fothergills web site says "Premium quality, crisp tasty roots. This fast-growing variety is ideal for seasonal growing. Slow to turn woody, it’s highly trusted and performed strongly on our trials."

Now I got this radish because I have grown white radishes before and quite liked them. Doing a little digging on the internet, I have found out that Whitella F1 is the first white radish hybrid on the market. 

Average to long strong leaves, good leaf attachment. Clear white bulb colour. Round uniform bulbs. Cross section diameter up to 35 mm. Rapidly growing and very productive variety. High tolerance to splitting and drying out (except in cold conditions). 

Good internal quality. Good and long storage life and storing quality. High resistance against false mildew on foliage and bulb. 

High Fusarium ox resistance. Suitable for bunching. Growing in greenhouse: year-round sowing is possible, but not during hot summers (long leaf) and cold winters (risk of splitting).

Beautiful white radish with good uniformity and internal quality. With stress it may develop a faint pink cap near the stem attachment but remains attractive. With medium to tall tops.

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