Sunday 22 October 2017

Winter Cleaning & Spuds

Today has been surprisingly mild and was initially overcast but the sun did shine for a short time. Up early and down to Spencer Road allotment at around 8:15am to dig up the last of the spuds, which was rather a waist of time and over 85% of the harvest had been nobbled by worms and had holes in and many were hollow. I did find on worm half in and out of a spud and pulled him out to see how long he was, the answer was surprisingly short ,and he appeared to have reduced his diameter by about 50% as he fattened up on pulling him out!

I removed as many weeds as possible around the potato bed and then sprayed all the couch grass and weeds that are starting to invade the plot. I may not be keeping Spencer Road on after next year, but I don't want it going the weed for the next owner if I can help it.

I can't see it happening but if I can get all the slabs and shed over to Mill Green before March I will give the plot up early.

So the short drive to Mill Green and the plastic edging that has now been replaced was trimmed with the new saw and now the weed membrane is framed and the soft bricks and bread baskets are holding them down against any more storms

The tarp is covering the cardboard on the path as I need to assemble the raised bed covered with the netting and cut some 600mm wide weed membrane for the path at home with the soldering iron and lay and cover which is a job for another day.

Beds 1 & 2 and the paths around them and around bed 3 were my targeted area with what remained of the morning when I arrived at 10:30am

So some time later all the sweetcorn had been cut up into about 40mm sections and added to the Dalek next to the Comfrey pipe along with a generous layer of comfrey to act as a composting activator. The paths are now weed free and again waiting for me to cut some weed membrane so they can be covered and paved, the aim is to have the whole of plot 1A paved by Christmas. The bean stalks from knee to shoulder height were removed and the top section of beans are now left to dry so that I can harvest some been seeds for next year. 

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