Sunday, 8 October 2017

Drop Off & Pick Up Area

Here is the view from the gate

I was looking forward to my visit to Mill Green Allotment this morning because I knew that Redrow & Natta Construction were removing the fence Monday, clearing the debris and vegetation cleared back to the pallet fence where the Bees are Tuesday. Laying and compacting rising over weed membrane on Wednesday and erecting a new fence on Thursday for us. 

The guys who had been on the allotment during the week had rang me and informed me of progress as I was unable to get down to the allotment this week. What I didn't think was happening just yet was the new gate that actually is plum and fits and had a latch no less. 

 View from the far corner once the gate was closed
and the car had been parked and unloaded

View from the other corner

So the state of play halfway through the programmed build time is impressive, I really have to thank both Redrow and Natta Construction for doing this for us and improving our local environment and allotment. Without this facility the plot holders would not be able to get anywhere near the allotment when dropping off composting material & plants and picking up the weeds and harvest, when the two developments are completed. 

Mencap now have somewhere to park their mini bus and carers cars when coming down for a little allotment therapy and will be so happy when they see this area. Redrow & Natta Construction will be improving on what they have done this week, during next week and I will give you an update of the other facility they are supplying us.

Once completed we will be able to arrange a long overdue drop off of woodchips so that the paths on out plots can be renewed and become once again weed free.

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