Sunday 29 October 2017

Clearing Plot 1 - Day 2

Thanks to the clocks going back I had a nice early start and was on the plot at 8:15

last week I started cutting the weeds down in the North East corner of the plot and along the boundary between Plot 1 & Plot 1A 

This morning Keith (my brother-in-law) and I cleared quite an area and stacked it in the middle of the plot ready for burning, the idea was to cover and let it dry, but the pile was a little to large to cover

So In the Afternoon after lunch we set fire to our mornings work.

First thing this morning

Last thing this evening just as it started to get dark.

So now just the Hawthorne, bramble and nettles along the wall to contend with, the plan is to strim a burn the vegetation and cover with weed membrane. The area where the shed and greenhouse will be sorted first, then the land will be expose in strips and hand dug and weeded and beds and paths installed.

I may need to make this chap and his chums a habitat on the allotment and perhaps a pond somewhere

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