Sunday 8 October 2017

Micro-Mini Snails & Spuds

The Sprouts are being eaten at an alarming rate by mini - micro and normal sized snails

Some are even using the Hoops as their home! I have never been attacked like this before, the bed is however right next door to the overgrown plot where the tenant has been missing apart from an early appearance at the start of the season.

Apart from trying to kill them all and there are a lot of them, and they are so small, I have no idea how to save the sprouts

The spuds in Bed 8 were dug out and the bed covered up, it will need revisiting as I'm sure there lots of spuds that I missed, I may bring the rotatory sieve down and do a stone removal exercise and find the spuds. This bed is earmarked for Carrots / Beetroots so if I do remove the stones more likely Carrots in here next year. 

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