Friday, 15 September 2017

Wilkingsons Sale - ROUNDUP

I nearly missed the Wilkingson's Sale but I managed to get there when there were still a few items that had not been replaced with Christmas item!

Christmas items in September I kid you not (What a crazy mixed up world we live in)

Note to self, when you hear that Wilkingson's sale is on next year drop everything and get there straight away.

Anyway back to the plot, I managed to pick up four 100ml Gel Sticks of Super Strength Roundup for the price of one.

Now before anyone jumps on me and the bandwagon, yes I've heard the hype, and yes I have read all the warnings and yes this stuff works.

It's supposed to kill things, it's going to be toxic but at least with the Gel stick I can be very selective and the risk of exposure to me is minimal and I can use it on the stick or wand that I have.

This will primarily be used to attack the weed that are encroaching from the plot next to mine that is four to five feet of nettles and brambles, and I want to use something that is going to work and I know this stuff does.

I also picked a couple of packs of Long White Ishikura Spring Onions with a sow date of 2020. Three packs of White Lisbon Winter Hardy Spring Onions with sow by date of 2020. Two packs of Solist Beetroots sow by date 2019 and I pack Boltardy Beetroot so by date 2019. One pack of Cucumber la diva which can be sown indoors between February - May and planted out in January with harvest from July to October, with a sow by of 2021.

There were a few more allotment and grow your own items that made the trip to Wilkingsons worth while.

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