Friday, 15 September 2017

It's All About Onions!

The day time & night time temperatures are on the decline, overnight temperatures in the greenhouse are 7degrees C with about 1 - 1.5 degrees lower outside the greenhouse, dew is on the cars, grass and about anything left out over night.

The only thing I have left in the greenhouse is the SF60 Over Wintering Spring Onion Experiment and the Catawissa Walking Onions 

 Catawissa Walking Onions looking right

They are growing really fast these were only sown eight days ago, and all leaning towards the front of the Space Saver Greenhouse, I will turn the trays 180 degrees once a week to try and straighten the onions up. 

 Catawissa Walking Onions looking right

The two trays on the left were sown seven days ago, and the largest of the bulbs can be seen on the wooden shelf, looking at the germination rates off the micro bulbs from the secondary clusters, I think I will be eating the larger bulbs rather than planting them, especially as I have some 120 in total. I could possibly do an SF60 trial with some of these bulbs I suppose, Ummm something to think about.

It look as if I may have some to share with other plot holders if they survive the overwintering process. I lost very few last year from the 18 bulbs I originally purchased.   

SoilFixer Experiment - Eiffel Spring Onions (SF60 used on the right)

It's very difficult to see any real difference at the moment, I try and rotate the pots so as to straighten the onions as they all want to lean in the direction of the sun. It's an attempt to try and straighten them if at all possible

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