Sunday 10 September 2017

Growhouse Clearance

This Sunday was dedicated to clearing all the dross that had accumulated in and in front of the old grow house.

As we have some new garden furniture I've taken the old stuff down the allotment and have installed it where the old grow house was to use as a potting table.

Rain and time stopped play but a bench will stand on top of the table. The plan is to extend the height of the bench so that I can fix a roof on it, like the extension to the shed in the photograph at the top of the page. I should then be able to use it for drying off onions and hardening off plants early in the season.

There is enough room under the bench / potting table for 30 of the food buckets that I store Coffee, Coir, Composting Materials and Shredded paper in so that the grow house extension to the shed can once again be used for growing tomatoes in next year.   

Up until a couple of weeks ago when it was confirmed that we would be getting the drop off and pick up area, I had thought that I would have to give up my little kingdom at Mill Green, and for the last two years I have been working on making my plot at Spencer Road as a replacement for Mill Green.

But now I will not have to give it up and in fact I will only keep Spencer Road on for another year, which will give me time to bring all of the slabs that I have accumulated over the last two years from Spencer Road to Mill Green and then I will not have to worry about weeds in the paths so much.

I now have a renewed interest in getting Plot 1A back to its former glory for next year, hell I may even get to empty the greenhouse of rubbish and use it for growing as I will be able to access the plot on a more regular basis, especially once the construction works comes to an end near the entrance next year. I have had my name down for the overgrown plot next to mine for the last four years, and if the current tenant gives it up, I will be able to extend plot 1A

I took grapes home and the conclusion was they didn't taste good enough and they have too many pips, I don't make wine and I'm not looking for a seedless variety to replace it with, so I shall cut back and remove the vine and replace it with Raspberries that my daughter and my wife will eat or perhaps try the polar berries that Marshalls are sending me in there. 

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