Tuesday, 8 March 2016

The best laid schemes o' mice an' men

The plan was three and a half hours on the allotment Monday and Tuesday as extended lunch breaks, and to catch up on the work in the evening during the wife's soap session between 7 - 9pm.  However the computer died, the hard disk was 5 years old and the average life is 3-5 years so I can't complain, just thank Christ I do regular back ups.

It took me an age to get to staples because of shear volume of traffic after 9:00 which was crazy. I took me longer to decide on which computer to buy. Then to cap it all there was no stock but I could buy it and it will be delivered next day.

So it's Tuesday I now have backlog of work and the computer will come sometime between 9:00 - 4:30 .so I'm house bound.. Doh!

The packaging for the blocks of Coir changed during the last year. The picture to the left is what the packaging looks like now unless they have changed it again so keep a look out for them in Poundland, they don't always put them with the gardening stuff I found. 

I have just hydrated two blocks. If you have never used Coir before check it out.  See my post from last year.

I will be taking them down to plot 23B and putting them in the shed for the moment. But I'm thinking of making an elevated strawberry bed like my brother in law has and the Coir will be ideal for lining the bottom of the troughs to retain moisture.

I have is a sense of panic that I should be further ahead in preparation and seedling growth that I'm trying desperately to resist.

My Brother and Sister in law have bought me a greenhouse heater for my birthday that's coming up so I will have no excuses after this weekend.

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