Monday, 21 March 2016

Bed Edging & Manure Plus More Slabs on Freecycle

A quick pit stop to B&Q this morning to pick up 9 economy decking boards, OK they are 50p each more expensive than gravel boards, but they are thicker and I'm guessing better treated with preservative.

Nine just comfortably fit in the passenger seat foot well and the hatch back just closes, so that's enough for the first 3 beds.

3 Board got cut in half so I have enough for the 1.2m long ends for the three beds. I just need to cut and treat some blocks for the corners. They were laid out nearly in place on the plot, around beds 1&2. 

A neighbouring plot holder also was delivering timber, so I was stuck whilst he unloaded so I managed to barrow three loads of horse manure to top up bed 1 in the back of the picture before I left. So with that much manure I'm thinking perhaps butternut squash in that bed this year.

When I got back to my office, there was another 30 slabs up for grabs on Freecycle so I have expressed an interest, you never know I may be lucky again.

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