Sunday, 27 March 2016

Sowing Time 03 - Tomatoes for 2016

OK the clocks went forward and some stupid time this morning and the weather is high winds and sunny with showers, but my body clock work me early. Yesterday in a short dry time I managed to riddle some seed sowing compost and this morning whilst all the females in the house were still condensing snot I was sowing tomatoes in 20mm x 20mm plug plant modules in small £1 shop propagators, so far, as I have run out of riddled compost I have     

  4 x 100’s & 1000’s from my own seed stock
  4 x Beefsteak
  4 x Blush New for 2016 from Seed Circle Surbie Saved  
  4 x Cherry Cascade F1
  4 x Crimson Crush F1 Saved seed from plants supplied last year
        Yes I know they will not run true but I want to see what grows from the saved seeds
  4 x Harbinger
  1 x Heartbreaker F1 The end of the seeds, they were good last year I will grow again.
  4 x Kibitz New for 2016 from the Seed Circle Mum of Stig saved
  4 x Lizzano F1
  4 x Nectar Rose New for 2016 from Seed Circle Mum of Stig Saved  
  4 x Plum Roma
  4 x Rainbow Blend F1
  4 x Red Robin - from Saved seed they were late developers last year but nice to eat
  4 x Red Zebra - New for 2016 from HeadGardener22 from forum
  4 x Sandpipe - New for 2016 from Seed Circle Surbie Saved  
  4 x Sunset Red Horizon - New for 2016 from HeadGardener22 from forum
  4 x Sunset Terenzo F1
  4 x Sweet Mullion F1
  4 x Sweet’n’Neat F1
  4 x Terenzo F1 Hybrid
  4 x Tomatoberry Garden F1 Hybrid - I really like these but not at £3.69 for 7 seeds  
  4 x Tumbler - Out of date sow by 2014 from a seed parcel worth a try

That's 22 different types of tomato plants, yes we do like and eat a lot of tomatoes

Derek on the allotment has offered me some Gardeners Delight & Money Makers and Sweet Aperitif as he has grown so many, and my brother-in-law is likely to have some Gardeners Delight and Money Makers over as well so there is really no point me growing these two. 

Not Growing this year or at any future point Gartenperle, just didn't like the texture and the taste.

Late morning I visited the Benhill-Crescent Horticultural Society Trading Hut on their Allotment and paid my £2 annual membership. Whilst I was there I picked up a Wolf Garten Multi Change Handle Aluminium for £8.50 and a 100mm Push Pull Hoe head for £10.75.

I was going to get them at Wyevale on Saturday when I was picking up the potatoes but they wanted £15.99 for the same push pull head. Proof its worth being a member of your local Horticultural Society. 

I also picked up a half tray load of Narcissus Tete-a-Tete Cyclamineus Daffodils in pots that are currently spread all around the house for Easter and will ultimately make their way to the comfrey beds on plot 23B for some early colour next year. 

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