Sunday, 13 March 2016

Comfrey Bed 1 and Daleks 1 - 3

A very mild day and sunny to boot. I had an early start and only my eldest daughter was awake when left around 8am for the allotment. First stop plot 1A to water the Japanese onions in the greenhouse. The skip company has gone and so have all their extra skips that was guarding the development site behind the allotment. So it looks like work is finally about to start on the redevelopment of the industrial area into residential.

I picked up the spare stripped curtain for the door so that people can't look into the shed even if the door is open and if I want to sit in the shed it will also provide some shade, or I need a pee it will provide some privacy. The vertical blind is so old that the plastic has taken up the rolled shape, and it's longer that the height of the door opening so I will need to trim it.

Two 10 litre buckets of coir are now residing in the shed and the Charley Dimmock hand tools and other hand tools are now hung on hooks below the shelf.
Tidying the shed done I set about the 1.2m width behind Comfrey Bed 1 and cleared two sacks of couch grass and managed to get the first three daleks set in their final locations. The boards behind are being used to assist me in flattening the ground ready for a layer of weed membrane and when it can be arranged woodchip.

Someone at the top end of the allotment had a bonfire which made my throat quite raw with the smoke, so a number of coffee breaks were required to assist in re lubricating. Lastly I cleared up the broken glass along my neighbours shed and dug out the first shelf unit that has been used as a fence. Who ever had the plot last really liked burying carpet ! Not just flat but has dug trenches and laid rolls of the stuff in it, why would anyone do that !

Joe and the lady on the plot behind popped over and had a chat, and I measured out the size of the shed she is thinking of getting as I had a steel tape in the car. Before I knew it, I had to clear up and make my way home for Sunday lunch. 

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