Monday 1 April 2024

We Have Germination !

I love it when this happens and it's more or less happened over night, and only two of the Crimson Range not showing above the compost, I'm hopeful that they will show in a couple of days. 

Sown on the 25th March Germination rate as of 1st April 2024 - 3/4 Crimson Cocktail, 4/4 Crimson Cherry, 4/4 Crimson Crush, 4/4 Crimson Bush and 3/4 Crimson Plum 

These are placed on my walking frame in front of the radiator under the rear living room window. 

No Red Pear Red Pear showing, 3/4 Arielle (Cherry), 4/4 Merrygold F1, 4/4 Crokini F1 and  No Burlesque F1 showing yet, but they were forgotten and went in the following day.

Melons seeds sown 26th March 2024 Germination Rates as at 1st April 2024 - 3/4 Amarillo Oro which were the ones I grew last year and were saved seeds, 1/4 Mangomel, 0/4 Magia Negra, 2/4 Budgie and 0/4 Little Darling.

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