Thursday 11 April 2024

3rd Bed Of Red Baron Onions

A swift visit to the allotment late this afternoon with Emma to get the next onion bed ready and 105 more Red Baron Onion Sets planted, watered them in and gave the other two beds of onions a drink.

Again I've leaned the inner hoops in opposing directions so when the wind blows one hoop goes into Tension and the other in Compression and hopefully the structure remains upright and does not start leaning or falling over one way or the other.

Hoops & Debris netting fixed to keep the birds and mice out. The mice have been pulling Andy's sets up and gathering them in a pile on his plot. The pile of hoops needs to be distributed four to a bed ready for when whatever goes into the bed can be covered over. The aim at the end of this year, is to have all the beds covered for the winter months with the hoops and lateral bracing members there ready for action for next year.    

I need to get some weed killer for the bind weed that is making its way up my cantilever runner bean or French climbing bean frame. Bind weed is also making its way up my grapevine, that needs to be dealt with my hand, however the problem is at the moment I can't get down that low to deal with it. 

Third bed on right is what is left of a bed load of broad beans that were over Wintered, I will not be making that mistake again, Next visit loads of beer traps, and blue pellets of death to be put out all around the plot. 

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