Friday 26 April 2024

Potting On the Tomatoes


It was extremely cold this afternoon but I took the Crimson range of tomatoes that I have been growing outside to pot them up into vending machine cups. 

  • Tomato 'Crimson Crush' - The fruits are particularly large for a salad variety, with an exceptional flavour.
  • Tomato 'Crimson Plum' - Good crops of ‘Roma’ style plum tomatoes throughout the summer.
  • Tomato 'Crimson Cherry' - The small cherry fruits have glossy, red skins and a sweet, juicy flesh with a superb flavour.
  • Tomato 'Crimson Blush' - Large beefsteak fruits with the sweet flavour of a cherry Tomato!
  • Tomato 'Crimson Cocktail' - small cocktail-sized fruit with an excellent flavour that has a good balance of sweetness and acidity.

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