Sunday 5 June 2022

Sunday Platinum Jubilee Visit

Emma was over just before 10 and that allowed me a 3 hour window as the rain was stopping to visit Avalon (Plots 1 & 1A) this morning.

My sister had dropped off her grass cuttings a day ago, and these were taken down with a bucket load of cut up cardboard I had processed on Saturday to fill the Dalek up again in layers, that were watered in.

The grass was already hot and in the process of decaying nicely in the sack.

There are 4 thermometers of various lengths in the top of the bin which will give me some indication of what's happening in the bin at various different levels.

It had been raining and everything was wet, and I really didn't feel like it but weeding the Raspberry bed of mares tail just had to be done as the raspberries are growing really fast and the other beds are quite thick with canes.

Weeding the path of mares tail makes me feel like trying another way of providing paths, perhaps using cardboard & Weed membrane and the rubber matting so the it can be lifted and the actual path dug and weeded. Something to ponder for the future me thinks. 

Harvesting the Malling Juno (early)  Raspberries from the D.T.Brown - Long Cropping Raspberry Collection suddenly turning red, a few had to be eaten straight off the bush, just to make sure they were OK and a remining 20 that were picked were taken home for Jen and Emma to consume, in our Jubilee tea party.

Cutting the Hawthorn and brambles back to behind the timbers, which need to relocated and stacked in front of the Daleks with some air flow so they don't rot away before I can get them ready for beds.

Some sorting out of the weed membrane, planting membrane and bed blanks in the storage chests in the shed lean-to which indicates to me that I need to make a few more planting membranes and a few bed blanks come the dry weather when I'm restricted to home and can't get down to the allotment.   

I did get to water the plants in the greenhouse and the beetroots I left in the water dip tray looked a lot healthier when I left at 1pm to go home for our Family Platinum Jubilee party, and to watch the proceedings on the box.

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