Tuesday 28 June 2022

In A Matter Of Days!


Five days ago I decided to chance my arm and try and germinate some Mr Fothergill's Picasso F1 in a Chinese takeaway container on damp kitchen towel, so I can have a bed of slightly later sweetcorn further down the plot from the Marshalls Moonshine which have been so disappointing on the germination front this year.

Definitely going to start off the sweet corn like this again in the future. As you can see the germination rate is really high so they have been transplanted into vending machine cups, so get a little larger before I subject them to a bed on the plot and the slugs and snails.

I did have a wee accident with one of the trays falling though the supporting bars in the Norfolk space saver greenhouse but managed to re-pot them and only lost 3 corns in the process!

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