Wednesday 22 June 2022

Mini Muncher F1 from Suttons

New for 2022 Mini Muncher F1 from Suttons 

I'm a little late on sowing these, but they have time to catch up and will no doubt grow like bonkers in the Square Foot Gardening Bed 2. At a cost of £3.99 for 4 seeds it feels a bit too expensive to me but we will have to wait and see if they produce enough crops to make them worth buying again in the future. I may also try harvesting some seeds and seeing what I get as a result of saving, and growing in the second year. I've done it before with F1 Tomato seeds and had two very different results and followed both then decided which one to save in the second year.  

Cucumber 'Mini Muncher F1' is a female flowering outdoor mini cucumber that develops fruits at the size of 10-15cm with 1-2 per node. This variety is ideal for British summer weather, as you can get great fruits even if you live under colder conditions in your area. The mini cucumbers are juicy and crisp with an excellent taste, making them the perfect, healthy afternoon snack or a great lunchbox filler for kids.

This a unique cucumber to opt for and if looked after well, you can expect vigorous, early plants with high yields. Mini Muncher is tolerant of powdery mildew, downy mildew and cucumber vein yellowing virus, plus cucumber mosaic virus resistance. Therefore, a very disease-resistant crop to grow!

Sow seed singly on edge in 9cm pots under glass at 18–21°C (65–70°F) March-May for greenhouse crops or April-May for outdoors. Later pot on plants into large pots, about 25cm in size, or plant them out in a frame/greenhouse or outdoors. (Do not plant in cold frames until May.) Maintain night temperatures of 16–18°C (60–65°F).

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