Friday, 17 June 2022

12 Cauliflower Depurple postiplugs

12 Cauliflower Depurple postiplugs from Suttons arrived today after having been in the mail system since dispatched 3 days ago on Tuesday. I must say the leaves look a little washed out but the plants look remarkably healthy for their journey during hot weather conditions. Cost £9.99 and Harvest during August.

They have been potted into vending machine cups and watered in, plus they have been in a water bath for half an hour and are now in the space Saver greenhouse overnight but will be brought indoors and out of direct sun light as it's a little harsh for baby brassicas at the moment in the Space Saver during the day.

Two 4ft x 4ft Square Foot Gardening blank weed membrane sheets cut out ready for covering the beds in Winter once they are free of produce.

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