Sunday, 12 June 2022

Sunday Afternoon Visit

It's been a bit of a strange week, a few short showers, very overcast, and pockets of sunshine. With my foot and leg playing up, I've not really had a lot of incentive to shoe horn a visit down to the allotment in or to do anything really. 

The girls were out with their old class mate celebrating his 30th birthday Saturday, and I didn't know how good or otherwise my foot was going to be, and not wanting to get the girls up early Sunday I put off the visit to the plot in the morning so they could have a lay in bed. 

Emma volunteered to come down with me to plant out the sweetcorn that were in the greenhouse Sunday afternoon after the Sunday roast.

I cleared the bed and found a 27 Hole 3 x 9 Planting membrane and planted out the Sweetcorn Moonshine F1 from Marshalls. Such disappointing germination the packs had 50 seeds in and I sowed two packs worth and just have enough to fill the 27 holes. Next year I'm going back to germinating the seeds on kitchen towel before sowing, so much potting compost gone into the Dalek as a layer of browns as a result. 

2nd Potatoes and main Crops doing OK on the left and Broccoli and Melons doing OK on the right, and the runner beans are starting to climb the cantilevering Minty Frame on the wall behind them.  

Close view of the 
runner beans starting to climb the cantilevering Minty Frame on the wall, and the Dwarf French beans in front. 

The red grape KC5383 Grapevine Plant - Flame growing really well but bed needs some weeding again.

The Comfrey has grown very tall and fallen over, I need to get the comfrey pipe mended and also harvest some to add to the Daleks.

Onions that have gone to seed and so will not fatten up anymore were harvested

Onions that were harvested because they had gone to seed and were washed because they were covered in blackfly or min aphids.

What was left in the three onion beds after the onions going to seed were harvested and put on the drying rack. 

First harvest from the 
Malling Juno (early) Raspberries from the D.T.Brown - Long Cropping Raspberry Collection minus a few that had to be eaten as picking them of course.

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