Monday 8 March 2021

What is Biochar?


Biochar is a high-carbon form of charcoal that is scientifically proven to improve the health and vitality of trees, crops and grass. It lasts for thousands of years so you only need to use it once, it's peat free and good for the environment: 1 tonne of biochar in the ground is the equivalent of 3 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide permanently sequestered from the atmosphere.

Whether you're attending an allotment, a back garden or working on a much larger commercial scale, Carbon Gold's biochar helps provide your plants with the nutrition and healthy growing conditions they need to thrive.

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The Benefits of Carbon Gold
- Stronger root development
- Quicker plant establishment
- Better natural plant vigour
- Excellent water retention
- Apply direct to your soil or mix with compost
- Chemical free and Soil Association approved

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