Friday, 19 March 2021

Greenhouse Paving Slabs

Up early and to the allotment for a couple of hours between 7:50 - 10:00 am.

Cutting the two paving slabs in the corners on the entrance face of the greenhouse. I adjusted the shield on the blade and I'm now better at getting a straight cut and repeating it to cut to depth. Transferring the line of cut to the back of the slab and cutting so that with a small simple tap what I want to trim off comes off easily and cleanly. I gave a mental "thank you mate" to my Brother-In-Law in heaven, as it was his Ryobi angle grinder that I was using that was gifted to me by my Sister-in-law just before she moved to be nearer her daughter.   
I bought a couple of the Wilko Mini Greenhouses (blowaways) in the Wilko end of season sale a couple of years ago so that I could use them as staging in the new greenhouse. I've ended up making up a frame that has an additional mesh shelf on the bottom and the top, so I have five high shelving and the cover will still go over if I want added protection against frost early on for any seedlings. 

I took the Greenhouse Sensations bases to the Quadgrows that I used at home last year to the allotment with me this morning to see how they would fit in the greenhouse with the new quadgrow and above is the layout I ultimately decided upon. 

The I and 2 base until will be connected to 3 & 4 Base unit and I may have a header tank on the Mini Greenhouse & I may use the automatic top up feature on those units. 

The Bases for 5&6 and 7&8 will remain independent. At the moment I'm a little undecided if all 8 will be tomatoes as I do plant to grow some at home and out in one or both of the narrow beds, so perhaps I will use 5 to 8 for Aubergine especially as I may be a little late getting the solar tunnel ready for the season, and I need to grow some for my mucker Arif. 

I looked at how I Gerry rigged the vent opener in the first green house and it looks like I need to search the shed for a selection of nuts bolts and perhaps some PK screws so that I can fix the vent opener in this greenhouse. 

50 number mini 15mm bulldog clips ordered to fix the debris netting to the outside of the greenhouse and then we should be ready to rock 'n' roll in there.  

Note to selfTake some AA Batteries to site for the greenhouse thermometers 

For those that enquired the Silicone I used was Wickes All Purpose Sealant Silicone Clear to fix and waterproof the panels that would not fix back with the fixing strips.   

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