Thursday 11 March 2021

Grounded - Liz Zorab

Firstly may I say if you have not happened across Liz Zorab - Bythe Farm on YouTube and you are into growing, would like to learn a bit about permaculture or have an allotment then get yourself over to her Channel and binge watch. That's what I did after finding her channel and it's one that I love to get the notification for when they arrive.

There is a calmness about her videos and her presentation her story telling skills are natural and draw the watcher in. Liz makes you feel like you are there with her, and she is in conversation with only you. Her book Grounded is written in a very similar way, it draws you in and makes you feel part of her journey.

I was fortunate to get an early adobe pdf review copy which has reviews from many well known gardening presenters and authors, like Charles Dowding & Terry O'Neill plus many others.

There is a section About the Author, The Forward has been written by Huw Richards, then an Introduction and then we are into what I guess is Chapter One entitled "Year One 2016 This Too Will Pass". I then received a paperback copy of the book which made the reading much more enjoyable, and freed me from in front of the computer.

Grounded is the story of Liz Zorab's and her Partner Mr J's gardening journey from just before finding and buying Byther Farm which was a bare 0.8 acre field with poor soil that they have transformed into an organic small holding or homestead in Monmouthshire, Wales with fertile soil that now produces 80% of their food and drink, with enough left over to stock a community veggie box scheme. An impressing thing to do, but even more so when you read how ill Liz was when they moved into the property.

The book is split into years

Year One 2016 This Too Will Pass
Year Two 2017 Nature Just Wants to Grow
Year Three 2018 Grow A Gift
Year Four 2019 Hence Springs Our Hope
Year Five 2020 Constant Changes

Having watched the YouTube videos in my head I could almost hear Liz narrating as I was reading the book and I can thoroughly recommend it as an interesting read

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